Bug Buster Insect Killer

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  • Use in Food & nonfood areas of food processing plants
  • Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Flying Insects
  • Convenient and Effective
  • Kills Stable Flies, Horse Flies, Face Flies, Deer Flies, House Flies and Gnats
  • For use in Animal Quarters, Dairies, Milk Rooms, Milking Parlors,
    Calving Areas, Dairy and Hog Barns and Outdoor Areas
  • To Kill Fruit Flies in Canneries
  • Pyrethrins Kill Flying Insects in Dairies, Barns and Other Listed Areas
  • For Indoor Use in Homes to Kill Clothes Moths, Carpet Beetles
    and Other Listed Pests
Size 20 oz. can
Net Weight 15 oz.
Units/Pack 12 cans
UPC 7 13014 11271 2
VOC% 19.52%
VOC Category Insecticide - Flying Bug

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